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Michael M. Dugan is a 38-year veteran of the fire service and a 26-year veteran of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), currently serving as captain of Ladder Company 123 in Brooklyn. As a firefighter in Ladder Company 43, Dugan received the James Gordon Bennett medal in 1992 and the Harry M. Archer Medal in 1993, the FDNY’s highest award for bravery. He was an instructor at the inception of the FDNY’s Annual Education Day and has developed programs currently taught to all FDNY members during the annual event. Dugan is a member of the IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section. He serves as a HOT instructor at Firehouse Expo and FDIC, and is a regular contributor to fire service magazines. He also lectures at various events around the country on topics dealing with truck company operations, building construction, scene size-up and today’s fire service.

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RIP Brother we have from here! You will be missed!It is with deep regret that FDNY announces the deaths of Lieutenant Christopher J. Raguso of Division 13 in Queens and Fire Marshal Christopher T. “Tripp” Zanetis of the Bureau of Fire Investigation. Lt. Raguso and Fire Marshal Zanetis died in an American military helicopter crash in Iraq on Thursday, March 15. Lt. Raguso is a 13-year veteran of the Department; Fire Marshal Zanetis is a 10-year veteran.

“Today, we mourn the deaths of FDNY Lieutenant Christopher J. Raguso and FDNY Fire Marshal Christopher T. “Tripp” Zanetis, who were killed in an American military helicopter crash in Iraq on Thursday, March 15,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “They are truly two of New York City’s bravest – running into danger to protect and defend others, both in New York City and in combat overseas. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I extend my deepest condolences to their families, loved ones, and fellow service members and FDNY members.”

“Lt. Raguso and Fire Marshal Zanetis bravely wore two uniforms in their extraordinary lives of service – as New York City Firefighters and as members of the United States Armed Forces,” said Commissioner Nigro. “The hearts and prayers of the entire Department are with their loved ones and with the families of their five fellow service members who lost their lives defending our country.”

Lieutenant Raguso was appointed as a Firefighter in March of 2005 and assigned to Ladder Company 113 in Flatbush, Brooklyn. In September, 2016, he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Battalion 50 in Queens. On six different occasions he was cited for bravery and life-saving actions as an individual Firefighter or as part of a unit.

Fire Marshal Zanetis was appointed Firefighter in September of 2004 and assigned to Engine Company 28 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. In 2007 he transferred to Ladder Company 11, located in the same firehouse. In April, 2013, he was promoted to Fire Marshal and assigned to the Bureau of Fire Investigation’s Citywide South in Brooklyn. In 2014, he was recognized for his bravery as part of an investigative unit.

Lt. Raguso and Fire Marshal Zanetis are the 1,148th and 1,149th members of the Department to make the Supreme Sacrifice in the line-of-duty. The last member of the Department to die in the line of duty was Firefighter William N. Tolley of Ladder Company 135, who died on April 20th, 2017. The last member of the Department to make the Supreme Sacrifice while in active military service was Firefighter Christian P. Engledrum, who was killed in action on November 29, 2004 in Iraq.

Currently, 62 FDNY personnel are on extended military orders in the branches of the United States Armed Forces, serving around the world. There are more than 1400 FDNY members who are military reservists or veterans.
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RIP Brother we have from here! You will be missed!

FDNY Firefighters Lined Up Outside Of The Medical Examiners Office In NYC Where The Body Of Dallas Firefighter Brian McDaniel, Who Died In The NYC Chopper Crash, Was Carried Out. Brian McDaniel, with DFR Station 36, and his friend Trevor Cadigan from Dallas were both killed. Read More: cbsloc.al/2p4f6YR
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3 weeks ago

Captain Mike Dugan

Never forget 25 years ago The first bombing of the World Trade Center. God Bless the lost and those who lives were changed. Some of the best firefighter and Officer I had the honor of working with.The Bombing of the WTC on February 26th 1993. Never Forget! Some of the Best firefighters I ever worked with! ... See MoreSee Less

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One of history's most prominent examples of cold/winter stack effect was the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City. It occurred in February; the outside air temperature was 37°F and the temperature inside the towers was approximately 75°F. Four-and-a-half minutes after detonation on the Basement 2 level in the parking garage, there was a heavy smoke condition on the 110th floor of Tower 1. Because of the stack effect, the smoke can travel approximately 1,400 feet vertically in less than 5 minutes.

Thank you for sharing brother!

Crazy thing, in Sept. 2001, I was sitting in an Investigation of Bombs and Explosives Devices class near Columbus Ohio watching the video of this when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. the atmosphere it created in the classroom and the lasting impression it left on me, to this day is still unreal, watching the scenes on the video and at the same time the images coming across the news of the tragedy unfolding as we sat there. Its an event that I'll never forget, the events or the people involved. Stay safe Sir !

1 month ago

Captain Mike Dugan

Well done my brother!Capt. Bill Gustin of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's Training Division has reached a rare fire service milestone; 40 years with the same department. To commemorate the occasion, Fire Chief Dave Downey (who was trained by Capt. Gustin) presented Bill a 40-year trophy at the Fire Rescue Training Center. Well wishers included fellow training officers and the current Recruit Class 134, whose members weren't born yet when Capt. Gustin was hired by Miami-Dade County. ... See MoreSee Less

Well done my brother!
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